“Usually when companies come to me, they’ve already built a senior living community, hired and trained staff and created a culture that they are then seeking to “fix” or change.

This was the complete opposite situation with Remember Me Senior Care. I was intrigued to learn that they hadn’t broken ground on the physical space yet, but already knew they wanted and needed dementia training. They wanted to be prepared and ready to answer potential resident families’ questions to the best of their ability, the second the phones began ringing.

You don’t encounter that often—or really, maybe at all, in this industry! I spent four days with Tracy, Andy, and their team. It was clear that they were not only excited to learn, but were ready to bring change and decisive action to the care community and culture they’re building. It was a pleasure to teach them: they had educated questions, smart plans, and, most of all, a passion for dementia caregiving. If you’re moving a loved one into a dementia care community, you want to know that they’ll be in the care of people who really understand and know what you’re going through.

This team definitely understands. Remember Me Senior Care is what I wish more communities would strive to be; pioneers in driving dementia caregiving positively forward.”